Mission: Energy Truths

Clear Energy Alliance | 315 Views | Jan 25, 2018
Clear Energy Alliance is a new organization formed by Mark Mathis,
the director of “spOILed” and “Fractured.” CEA pushes back against
agenda-driven energy disinformation with short, entertaining videos.
Watch, learn, share. Power On, America!
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Who is the philosopher of capitalism?
For Giovanni Gentile, fascism is a form of _____________.
The word Nazi is a contraction of what terms?
The left wants to place the resources of the individual and industry in the service of a centralized state.
The left has vastly expanded state control over the private sector to include __________.

Energy is a beautiful thing. It powers everything we know and love in the modern world. So why is it so hard to see its value clearly? Perhaps because it’s everywhere, it just goes unnoticed. Many people don’t understand even the basics of where our energy comes from, how it’s transformed into usable power, or how devastating it is to lose it, even for a short time.

Our ignorance has left us vulnerable to propaganda. Even though we have access to more information than every before, it’s challenging to sift through what’s true and what’s agenda-driven manipulation.

Clear Energy Alliance is committed to helping you do just that. We welcome you, and other thoughtful minds, to consider looking at energy with fresh eyes, without the chaos of “spin,” without any agenda but that of finding a rational, reasonable perspective.

Clear Energy Alliance is pushing back against energy disinformation. We hope you will watch, learn, and share. Power On.

ClearEnergy is changing the minds of millions worldwide.

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ClearEnergy is changing the minds of millions worldwide.
Help us keep our videos FREE!

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